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Key Benefits of Leasing: Business

Low Initial Deposit

Leasing enables you to pay a low deposit with fixed monthly payments helping you to manage your budget.

Tax Efficient

Business contract hire is a very tax efficient way of funding a new vehicle and can be offset against your overall profits.


There are no worries about depreciation as this is the responsibility of the finance company and at the end of the contract the vehicle is just returned.


Manufacturers Warranty

Most new vehicles come with the manufacturers warranty.  For extra peace of mind you can also add to the overall package maintenance, servicing and tyres.
Business leasing is more suited to established companies and include Limited Companies, Partnerships, Sole Traders and Public Companies.  Leasing is an easy and cost effective way to fund your business vehicles.  It is also financially beneficial for various tax reasons and it enables you to have a brand new car or vans for a fixed monthly fee.  Each contract can be tailored to suit your needs and is typically between 12 - 60 months. You also have the option to include a maintenance package which offers peace of mind. All you need to decide is which vehicle you would like, anticipated mileage and preferred contract length.  Redlake Leasing will then find you the best deals. 



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